Spring 2014 Education Foundation Grant Winners

Our Education Foundation Grants allow teachers to implement special programs.  These deserving teachers are being recognized for bringing creativity and innovation to their classrooms.

Grant winners

School Grant Title Teacher Amount Awarded
Watson Bouncing for Focus Debby Haley $946.09
Cooper Glockenspiel Smockenspiel Lyndsey Alecusan $412.91
Abbett 1,2,3,4 Math is Fun to Explore Leah Schreiner $163.00
Abbett A Place for Everybody Leah Schreiner $607.27
Couch 21st Century Learning in a PBL Science Classroom Kellie Wheeler $503.46
Cooper Reaching Reluctant Learners Jane Homolka $255.86
Back Getting Cozy in the Library Dani Conroy $589.96
Ethridge We Want To Play, Too! Melanie Santos $387.94
Back Mallet Madness Jean Metcalf $363.08
RHS Photo Booth for Quality Photos of Awesome Art Kristine Hamidou $460.76
Cooper Routine + Repetition = Results for Special Needs Students Peter Chan $499.73
Cisneros We Are "Crazy" About Science! Loretto Di Bernardini $686.15
Ethridge Everyone Can Play! Sara Rond $662.21
Roach Empowering our Students with Technology Claudia Saenz $1,450.21
Hickman Small Things Makes The Biggest Difference Julie Nguyen $421.51
Ethridge College Readiness! Jennifer Nguyen $1,320.16
Luna Filling the Gaps in Learning Carianne Rapp $474.04
Bullock Ready, Set, Read! Stefanie Moore $166.82
Weaver Magnificent Math Manipulatives Susan Garner $392.33
Bullock iPad = Learning Part 2 Stacy Mcgough $937.06
Bullock The Arts and Inquiry Stacy Mcgough $1,452.73
Dorsey Ski into Reading Rhonda Simpson $493.81
Weaver Super Science For Super Students! Lori Malone $843.19
Vial Exciting Electronic Enrichment Lisa Anthony $382.27
Club Hill First Year Teacher Lacks Supplies Crysta May $402.04
SHS AP Human Geography Test Study Guides David Serene $141.53
Weaver Super Science for Future Scientists Susan Hagins $438.74
Hickman Learning on the Move Jennifer Dickson $779.60
Cooper Cozy and Comfy in the Classroom Meagan Le $441.25
Abbett Get Lost in a Book Jessica Tanguy $451.38
Back Mallet Madness 2.0 Jean Metcalf $617.21
Herfurth Music Book Mania! Leslie Brewer $248.91
Watson Where In The World Did That Student Go? Joshua Michaelis $586.05
Ethridge An Instrument for Each Student! Sara Rond $512.94
Handley Terrific Think Tanks Kelsey Garner $265.16
Weaver Money Matters!! Lori Malone $181.08
Couch What's Happening in the News?! Joni Harris $200.94