This is not a quiet zone

Collage of photos showing students interacting with various makerspace stations

Bradfield and Dorsey libraries have been the recipients of several GEF grants thanks to librarians, Kelsey Rey and Rhonda Simpson. Students who visit these libraries have many more activities to fill their time beyond just reading silently.

Both libraries feature Makerspace areas that offer students a chance to explore interests or work collaboratively with classmates towards a common goal of their choosing. Students might express their creativity with sand art, puppet shows, origami or coloring. Other students might practice their problem-solving skills using puzzles, strategy-games, building tools and more.

“The Dorsey library is not a quiet place. It is a place where students talk to each other and challenge each other, laugh and plan. It is a place to grow and learn.” - Rhonda Simpson, Dorsey librarian.

Two students work with Bee-Bots on a floor matStudents at both libraries also have the opportunity to practice logic and coding skills using Bee-Bots. These exciting little robots move forward, back, left or right along the path that students have programmed. The students must analyze the problem, break it down into steps and program the Bee-Bot to move along the path that will correctly answer the lesson’s question.

The librarians at Bradfield and Dorsey elementaries have truly created a unique atmosphere for their students.

“I have never had a student come up to me and say that they are bored. We have such a variety of activities that students are able to find something that they are passionate about doing and a group where they feel they belong.” - Kelsey Ray, Bradfield librarian.

Beyond the library

The Bee-Bots have become so popular that Rhonda Simpson secured a second grant in order to have more robots available for teachers to check out and use in their classrooms. Ms. Estefano, a teacher at Dorsey, uses the Bee-Bots in her first grade classroom on a regular basis. Her students eagerly look forward to their chance to work with the Bee-Bots.

“Bee-bots help develop my students’ problem solving and social skills which has real world application.” - Ms. Estefano, first-grade teacher