Fall 2014 Education Foundation Grant Winners

Our Education Foundation Grants allow teachers to implement special programs.  These deserving teachers are being recognized for bringing creativity and innovation to their classrooms.

Grant winners

School Grant Title Teacher Amount Awarded
Daugherty  No Time for Science…Make Time Alera Budd $293.37
Southgate  iSTEM: 4th Grade Gator Aides Julius Plomantes $293.14
Kimberlin Color A Student's Mind Kerstin Allen $327.11
Beaver Tinkering Thinkers Cheryl Brooks $366.01
Back  Save Your Clothes! Wear an Apron! Ashley Pollay $331.52
Centerville  Enhance 4th Grade Math Literacy, Vocabulary and Organization Lindsay Anderson $700.75
Bradfield  Super Science Journeys Schenetria Alexander $225.16
Luna  Small Things That Change Lives Sarah Jusiewicz $333.48
Sewell  Racing to Catch Up! Closing the Gap with Technology and Phonics Elizabeth Bostic $203.97
Weaver  Eager Egles Ready to Fly the American Dream Bee Ong $161.70
Herfurth  Is This Thing On? Leslie Brewer $562.25
Watson But, We Only Have One Copy (Problem Solved) Joshua Michaelis $380.31
Weaver  Marvelous Math Materials Susan Garner $296.18
Luna  Math Magicians Tammy McDonald $292.03
Cooper  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - I Won't With Your Help! Donna Zuniga $469.01
Centerville  SKS - Super Kindergarten Scientists Joy Roseberry $516.08
Walnut Glen Ring! Beep! Electrify! Andrea Hardgrave $356.76
Handley  Making a Difference Sarita Watts $657.26
Centerville  All Star Mathletes! TraLisha Strambler $484.11
Dorsey  See It, Hear It, Read It, Learn It! For ELLs Cindy Weldon $136.21
Club Hill  iLove Reading Through Technology Julie Drummond $1,508.97
Shugart  What Can We Do with Little Red Wagons? Monica Black $337.02
Couch  New Room and No Stuff! Candace Harris $403.21
Golden Meadows  Printer Power! Marta Hernandez $433.73
Abbett  Inspiring Writers and Storytellers Leah Schreiner $166.98
Sewell  Writing With Smiles! Dannielle Massey $164.99
Routh Roach  Teaching Science with the Right Tools Claudia Saenz $739.48
Cisneros Art…The Human Expression Loretto Di Bernardini $321.89
Cooper  Routine + Repetition = Results for Special Needs Students Peter Chan $419.70
Weaver  Texas Community Studies Weekly Susan Garner $174.24
Golden Meadows  There's a Hole in the Bucket…. Marta Hernandez $2,164.47
Lyles Lumberjacks At Your Services - Catering and Event Setup Katherine Bastian $2,069.88
Beaver Making, Innovating & Tinkering Anyela Ariza $1,477.74
Hickman  Stability Balls to the Rescue! Jaclyn Hoey $203.48
Bullock  We're Listening Stacy Mcgough $429.00
Parsons STEM-ing for Light Sensory Cicely Cox $715.79
Routh Roach  Speaking Of…A Safe and Efficient Classroom! Judith Thomas $314.09
Couch  I Like To Move It, Move It! Carrie Gooch $368.25
Centerville  Let's Get Reading! Laura Crowder $69.75
Beaver Maker, Tinkers and Innovators! Anyela Ariza $338.13