The Back Garden at Hillside Academy

Hillside garden

Hillside has several campus gardens, but one is truly something special:  the back garden. This garden is a tranquil environment where the students and teachers of Hillside can go to study all subjects, as well as have a place to enjoy special celebrations. This spring, Tim Wood of Special Education wrote to us about Hillside’s beautiful gardens and requested a grant from the foundation to enhance the learning environment for all Hillside students.

“It is a place where everyone, no matter their age, can have a job and work together.”
- Tim Wood, Special Education, Hillside Academy

With two ponds featuring fountains, six fish, three turtles, a gazebo and a covered area with tables perfect for studying, the back garden at Hillside Academy is an oasis and learning environment in one. Each class at Hillside plays a role in taking care of the garden. Students tend the garden with love, each taking turns filling bird feeders, cleaning the ponds, pulling weeds, and raking leaves.

students planting garden


“Mr. Wood has been instrumental in the development of our Hillside garden. He brought together parents, students and teachers to work toward not only making our school beautiful but instilling a sense of pride and ownership in the school.”
– Trang Vo, Assistant Principal, Hillside Academy

Hillside garden

The growing relationships and bonds that come out of planting and caring for the garden are immeasurable. Everyone works together to make gardening a happy occasion for all. While it is true that the plants add beauty to the school, the true beauty lies in the memories created while working academically and physically in the garden.